Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

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Find out what makes them so great!

Taking proper care of your swimming pool is important for every pool owner. Keeping a pool uncovered makes it liable to attracting debris and other foreign items. This can ruin a pool very fast. The best way to prevent harm to a pool is through the use of a solar pool cover. There are many benefits that come from using a solar pool cover.

A solar pool cover, often called a pool blanket, keeps your pool clean and at the same time, heats your pool with great efficiency. By absorbing sunlight, a solar pool cover converts the light into heat energy. The heat energy is then passed into the pool water below, keeping a pool warm even in the late hours of the night. With a solar pool cover, a water heater becomes unnecessary because the cover acts as a blanket, holding in the heat. Also, most pool water evaporation done by the sun is reduced significantly, lowering the cost of maintenance for the pool owner.

Now, if you are worried about the idea of taking the cover on and off all of the time, there is a good option for you. An automatic cover reel will do the job of covering and uncovering the pool by itself. Also, if you do not have the space for an automatic reel, there is the option of a hand cranked solar pool cover reel. With a hand cranked reel, you must spin the reel manually.

Another great benefit of a solar pool cover is its ability to maintain the chemicals in the pool correctly. Evaporation, teamed with other causes, can change the pool water’s composition. On a side note, if you are tired of dealing with the pool’s chemical maintenance, then you might want to invest in a salt water pool.

Solar pool covers come in various sizes, colors, and materials. The cover’s shapes and sizes vary and will fit most pools completely. Most covers are made out of polypropylene, U-V stabilized polyethylene, and vinyl and are meant to last over a good seven years. This long lifetime is one of the most important benefits of a solar pool cover and makes it a very cost effective investment.

There are many benefits of a solar pool cover. They are a great investment for all pool owners. If you really want to understand more about solar pool covers, then try stopping by a local pool and spa store. The employees working at one of these stores will be able to answer any questions you have about solar pool covers.